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Kannagara App

Not submitted yet as there is probably a lot I can do to it to make it right but this is my first attempt at an app. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

In other news yes, I am going to start RPing. ^^




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This is my first time RPing, and apping for an RP.


Character Name: Marufuji Shou
Canon: Yugioh GX
Point taken from canon: Post canon

Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: In typical anime style Shou has light blue hair that fans out in spikes. He is one of the shortest characters standing in the four foot, almost five foot range. He also wears glasses which are two round lenses attached by a bent wire. Throughout the series his wardrobe changes slightly as he develops as a character and rises through the school’s ranking system. He wears the same black pants throughout but his top, jacket and boots change. In season one he wears a red jacket that reaches his waist and is done up with a yellow top underneath; his jacket and shirt colour then switches after he moves to Ra Yellow. His boots are the colour of his jacket with black tips. In the final season when he accepts his promotion to the top dorm Obelisk his boots and top become black and his jacket a dark blue. It is still done up but rather then stop at his waist it has a tail that reaches his knees with a split it in.  

Links: http://dev.janime.eu/images/content/Genex/images/characters/sho3/01/05.jpg


Background: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Syrus_Truesdale Uses dub terminology but still gives a good overview.


Personality: As a duellist Shou values respect above anything else, and this forms a core part of his personality. His brother use to believe that he was a respect Duellist and put Shou on this path, but came to the shocking realisation in season two that he wasn’t, courtesy of underground duelling and shock collars. Shou started off as a cocky duellist with confidence issues. Because of this he was banned from using a certain card by his brother as he didn’t know how to use it properly. It wasn’t long after arriving at Duel Academy and meeting Juudai that he began to understand what his brother was trying to tell him; that he had to use it with respect. Respect not just for himself and his cards, but his opponents too. This happened early in season one and throughout the rest of his time at Duel Academy he was tested many times by his opponents, his friends, his Aniki, and his brother (with those same shock collars) if it was the path for him. He not only stayed true to it but became a much nicer duellist in the end once he’d learnt to respect himself because of it. 

Shou also has the tendency to form deep attachments with people and cling to them. It didn’t take him long in canon to start calling his best friend Juudai ‘Aniki,’ or ‘big brother.’ Throughout season two he fights with another character for the exclusive rights to call Juudai that. The only time he stops is during season three after a combination of factors, including Juudai doing some really questionable things and Shou being infected by an avatar of doubt. As Shou up to this point almost blindly followed and trusted Juudai’s word it is here where Shou starts to stand on his own feet and realise his Aniki isn’t as wonderful as he thought he was. Shou does start to call Juudai ‘Aniki’ again when he begins to trust Juudai and the spell is broken.

His attachment to Juudai is epitomised in season two then Juudai disappears for a few weeks. Shou becomes quite distraught to the point where he doesn’t eat or sleep so he can look for Juudai and bursts into tears at the slightest reminder of his Aniki. However, during this time Shou also demonstrates how deep his loyalty and faith is; he never gives up hope that Juudai will return throughout this time and he does go to extreme measures to find him. It only when his friends step in that he dials it back.

Throughout the show Shou battles with confidence issues, usually going from one extreme to the other rapidly. Before a test, in season one, he would frantically cram and worry and stress to the point where he is in a bad frame of mind for the test and consequently fails it. In his duelling he also believes he isn’t that good and holds a very pessimistic view of himself. During a tournament in season two he spends a lot of time hiding from people so they won’t challenge him as he believes that they think he’s an easy target despite not being in the lowest dorm anymore. However when he starts to win he becomes entirely overconfident and cocky and slightly disrespectful of his opponent. He learns throughout the series that at heart he is a respect duellist and overcomes this weakness of his by respecting not only his opponents more but himself. By season four he is a lot more comfortable with his abilities and manages to become one of the top duellists of his year in the highest dorm.

Shou usually speaks with respect but he is not above teasing his friends and he has a sarcastic streak in him. He’s not above giving snarky little asides when commenting on his friend’s duels or when he’s between Juudai and Johan who are busy spazzing out around him. He can be insightful at times too, giving quiet insights that usually are ignored in favour of other louder people around him.

During his stay in the Dark World Brron, the Mad King who was trying to create Super Fusion infected Shou with the avatar of doubt. This was chosen as he had battled self doubts before and after following Juudai to the Dark World his doubts about Juudai festered inside of him. These doubts didn’t consume him until Brron and it is likely they wouldn’t have surfaced at all if it weren’t for this interference. With his confidence issues one of Shou’s weakest personality traits is his tendency to doubt. By the end of season Shou was able to break the spell himself when he started to trust Juudai more then he doubted him. Season four then rolled around and the doubts he has about his future are revealed to be the ‘darkness of his heart’ and one of the things he feared the most. After completely giving in he manages, with Juudai’s help, to fight back and face his fears leaving him a stronger person because of it and ready to face his future.

Shou also can be ambitious and resourceful. At the end of the anime his goal after leaving school was to start up a new Pro League and one that is entirely based on respect (it’s a huge thing for him) unlike the current one. He also spends the latter half of season three travelling after Juudai while the latter is the Supreme King. He is one of the only characters not to die (temporarily) during this arc.

Abilities/Strengths: Shou, like most capable duellists from his world, is a good strategist and can be very resourceful when things don’t go exactly as planned. While he isn’t the bravest thing he will continue to fight despite his fears and soldier on, as he proved during his time in the Dark World. He graduates as one of the top Duellists of his year and is so is a very capable Duellist. Shou is also resourceful, as mentioned above he is one of the only ones not to die during their stay in the Dark World.

Personality wise, as he values respect highly he is very honest and he can be very determined when he sets his mind to it. He is also incredibly loyal and when push comes to shove he will fight for what he believes in

Weaknesses: Although he’d grown a lot by the end of the anime, the tendency for Shou to cling to people is still there. Another of his major flaws, as discussed above is that he is prone to doubting not only himself and his abilities but his friends as well when the situation turns bleak. Also mentioned above Shou can be too confident at times and although he’s learnt to control it in the end the tendency is still there. 

Physically his eye sight is weak, as he can’t see without his glasses and he can’t do much in the way of physical fighting as he is small and struggles a little in the play tussles he had with some of his friends.


Other: My headcannon has him succeeding at starting the new league, although he is taken from his world while it is in the planning stages.

Action Writing Sample: [The screen in his hand flickered and began to show signs of life.  Shou feels a moment of pride at this and continues to fiddle with the device in his hand. It’s not dissimilar to the PDAs that Duel Academy had given them and he wanted to try a recording of his own.]


[He sounds slightly nervous as he speaks, but it is hidden behind a stance of confidence and a look that revealed the nerves were only on the surface. He stepped back a bit to reveal himself in a valley surrounded by thick, tall trees. The sun could be seen through the trees behind him. ]

I’m not sure if anyone will see this, but if there are any Duellists out there or anyone who has even heard of Duel Monsters it would be great to hear from you.

[It had shocked him when he flicked through the Hitomi to find people who hadn’t heard of the game on the device. In all the other dimensions he had visited there had been duelling. He couldn’t imagine a world without it and he wasn’t quite prepared to yet.]

I’m Marufuji Shou by the way. I’ve only just arrived and if anyone could tell me where I am and how I got this thing that would be great.

[While his voice had lost the nervous twinge it still sounded unsure. The last time he’d been dragged into another World involuntarily it hadn’t gone so well. Nor had it gone so well the last time he voluntarily gone either but he was trying not to think about that too hard.

At this point he stared at the camera as he realised he had nothing else to add. He felt a little uncomfortable talking to himself but this seemed to be the only way to reach other people, if they still existed. He didn’t know how long those recordings had been on it but he had nothing better to do. After a few moments he started to speak again, more for the sake of breaking the silence than out of any real need to talk.]

 The last thing I remember I was going to check on my brother. He can’t leave the island yet, or really he shouldn’t but he does seem to be getting better. I’m glad he no longer plays with the Cyber Darks. I can’t wait to see what kind of deck he builds next.

[He trailed off as his right hand hovered unconsciously over his pocket. In his deck were some of the offending cards he mentioned, mixed in with his old deck. They were his now as he’d won their respect.

He turned and gazed down the valley, beyond what the Hitomi could capture, officially out of things to say. He didn’t know if this would reach anyone but he’d done all he could; now he could only wait. After a couple of moments he reached out and ended the recording.

The screen went blank]

Third Person Writing Sample: He couldn’t say he was shocked that Juudai was leaving them once again. It was becoming a habit and Shou didn’t know how he felt about it. On one hand he was glad that his Aniki had found a purpose and that he wasn’t just quietly moping in the Osiris dorm feeling sorry for himself. Or whatever it was he had been doing during those long days after his return. He was also glad that Juudai wasn’t leaving because he was in danger or something was after him. Shou didn’t think he could deal with another crisis right now; Darkness had only just been defeated after all!

I’ll miss you Aniki? Good luck?

On the other hand he was annoyed that Juudai was just going to leave, without even saying goodbye. How they knew this no one could really say other then ‘it’s Juudai’ and leaving it at that. He was worried about what would happen to him out there, and what dangers he would come across.  

Silly Aniki? You’d better come back?

Shou smiled softly and sighed. At least his Aniki wouldn’t starve; even if his concoctions turned out a little strange sometimes Juudai would find a way to feed himself. He was still worried about what might happen, but he also knew that Juudai would find a way through. He always did after all.

Remember you can’t always eat the mushrooms, no not even if they grow in the wild?

Shou glanced down at the paper Asuka has shoved in front of him. Just because Juudai was leaving them they weren’t going to give him an excuse for forgetting them. Already Kenzan’s had drawn a sad dinosaur and Rei was winking up at him. Asuka had taken over one of the corners and Fubuki the other. As he looked at the page he realised he was surrounded by silence. He didn’t know what he wanted to say. How could he fit everything into two little lines? That he would miss him and he wished he wouldn’t leave? That he’d better come back? That he was an idiot for thinking they’d just let him go?

He started doodling with a smile. Aniki had always loved cartoons and what was emerging on the page was cartoon rage at its finest.

He certainly wasn’t shocked that Juudai was leaving them, but he knew that his Aniki would always come back in the end. He had faith that Juudai would pull through like he always did and would turn up one day with a huge smile on his face.  

Stupid Aniki!                       

Take care of yourself, okay!

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