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Alright, I know I’m rather late to the party so to speak, but episode 18/19 of YGO 5Ds poises some very interesting questions for me, all involving the spirit world of course.

Mostly, where were Johan and Juudai during all of this? Since Ushio is present (and Word of God confirms that) it can’t be that far into the future that they’re not around anymore and if something was happening to the Spirit World surely at least one of them would have noticed; especially if it were happening for a while as it evidently was. Clearly, I need to see more 5Ds so that I may plot properly, and now that I have a way to download more than eight episodes of anything a month I finally can. ^^ But the point of this mini tangent is that I foresee some fanfiction stemming from this but it might be a good idea to learn some more about Rua’s Spirit World first before I dive in. Clearly Johan and Juudai were doing something during this time, and it may be that for some reason they couldn’t interfere, something about the five dragons stopping them and relying instead on the Signers. Or some other interference or rule of some kind. However I am certain they would have noticed <i>something</i> and that is something I will certainly look into in the future. Also Rua using Sunlight Unicorn did nothing to stop me wondering about Johan an the Gem Beasts, Sapphire Pegasus in particular. But that’s my Johan bias shinning through as Juudai’s Herald powers as just as likely to detect an anomaly.

I love all the Alternate and Spirit world stuff. It’s brilliant and I can’t wait to see more of it! Ah YGO, you never let me down do you. ^^


Ok, now that I have my 5Ds ramble out of the way, Speaky, I know I promised you a fic and I know I said it should be here before uni, which I have now started again. That was certainly the plan but I was sick pretty much all of last week and while that may work to my advantage it didn’t speed the process up. ^^; I’m really sorry and I really need to get my lazy butt into gear but now that I am at uni the bunnies will probably hit again as they hate to be convenient. And it is the weekend now so I really have no excuse besides work...
My drabble will also be up soon yllimilly. And it shouldn't be a problem either, I think I've hung around the Pairing Comp long enough to be able to pull it off. ^^ Hopefully vaguely in cannon too, but that's my defult setting anyway.


Speaking of uni my geo lectures are going to be super special awesome this semester, not just super awesome. Why? Well besides it being geo, which is awesome in itself, I noticed today that my lecturer has an accent. Well I noticed it in the first one but today it hit me what it was. It’s Daitokuji-sensei’s dub voice, well Professor Banner. That’s right, Banner is pretty much teaching me geo. It is amazing I must say. I can see where alchemy and geology vaguely connect too, if you twist your head an squint. But it’s good enough for me. ^^ There are times where the accent really shines through too an I can Banner clear as day, I’m going to have to find a plushy Pharaoh now, just in case. ^_~

Looks like Fluffy, our pet dinosaur from last year is going to be replaced. But that’s alright as Fluffy belonged to one of my friends who isn’t doing geo anymore. She’s a bio major anyway but I love the fact that her mascot is a dinosaur while my geo one is a ‘living’ cat. ^^

And as a little side note, my laptop seems to have taken a violent dislike to the 'd' button and it really needs to be encouraged for it to work. I have read through this but if any 'd's are missing, or a word looks out of place ue to a missing one I apologise. But that's why it's missing. Really, whenever you encouter one abouve you can almost be sure it was issing the first time. ^^;
It should pass,it was 'q' before but now my laptop and it seem to be friends again. I hope it makes up with 'd' soon, I use that a lot more.
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