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Ah Zexal...

Oh Yuma, you're so similar to Juudai. Yes, duels are fun but please remember that they're serious sometimes too. We all know how badly that ended last time. But your adorable anyway. And Astral, you dry snarky thing you. There is certainly a share of love for you too! Living up to my expectations like that. ^^ Ah Zexal, (that 'x' shall be forever pronounced in my head no matter what may come out of my mouth,) I am fond of you. And I've only seen two episodes. Let's make this relationship last. ^^ Yes, you're no GX but you are damn good otherwise.
And yes, I am noticing the similarties to DM as well. Astral for one, the necklace for another. And what's that. lost memories? But hey, at least you're going down a different track with it. A gotta catch 'em all kind of track but hey, I'll watch it.  And Astral doesn't seem like an expy of Atem. At least not so far. (Oh please crank up the snark, please do!) And Yuma, a possible expy of Juudai? We'll have to wait and see. (Well Johan is suposed to be one but I still don't quite see it. Yuma either really, really is or I'm just terrible at picking them.) There is certainly  bit of Juudai in him regardless though.  

And for all those interested, Yuma mentions his parents more then Juudai and Yugi did in one episode then they did combined in both their series'. (Again, I can't speak for 5Ds so I can't call that.) In fact, his parents (and pictures) of his Mum and Dad have been mentioned (and shown) more times in these two eps then DM and GX did combined. Will they be important, who knows. I'm banking on yes. But this is YGO after all....

And uni, yes this one week break is a God send but it's not long enough. The amount of work I have to do isrediculous. Please dial it back a bit so I can write more. That would be fantastic. And no, that exam on Queens Birthday meaning I can't go to Mudbash is not appreciated. My soul already belongs to my best friend and GX. I don't think splitting it three ways is good for it. -_-' Or so I've heard.

Anyway, to find the third episode and procrastinate some more! Huzzah.
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