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cheeky_eyes's Journal

17 May 1991
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  • cheeky_eyes@livejournal.com
Welcome to my journal. A scary place where you can find my fanfiction and an up-to-date list of how much uni work I've avoided. Don't expect me to update this often. I'm hopeless like that. ^^;
You can find me on fanfiction.net too, same username except with a hyphen in place of the underscore. (Cheeky-eyes)
I am a poor first year uni student doing a Bachelor of science who is interested in rocks. Some may call that sad, but I say it's awesome. I plan on becoming a geologist and have ever since I was in grade five. So far nothing has convinced me to do anything else and it is an awesome subject! Much love for geo!
I'm also apart of a few challenges. The YGO Drabble contest, the GX 100 and a couple of others starting soon. So pretty much any and all updates will be those. I fail far to much at the whole Journal thing anyway. ^^'